Here at B.I.G. Events, I turn beautiful dreams into reality, Weaving personal stories and touches into every thread of your event. Mastering the ability in perfecting the details and creating the extraordinary. I exist so that you can enjoy the fun parts of planning and leave the stress behind. My mission is to guide you and I leave no stone unturned, no detail untended to, no possibility unexplored and I take the painstaking chore of trying to get the best possible price to turn this all into reality. That’s because the most beautiful event is also the smartest event. It’s not how much you spend but it’s how well it’s been spent. I will design your event to radiate style and fun, while ensuring that unique tastes shine through every detail.
Being a master of coordinating and quickly smoothing unexpected bumps in the road. My background of 8 years in high executive level Personal Assistance and 7 years of personal event planning experience have resulted in incomparable organization and an array of online planning tools and expert scheduling tools. These modern resources, paired with exceptional service makes sure everything gets done right.

Weddings, Birthdays, Showers, Anniversaries, Graduations, Corporate or any Personal Event, as well as Consulting and Branding and so much more.

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